• Artistic Director Loong Koon-tin

    The Eternal Peony

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    04. 12. 201319:30
Performance Introduction

On New Year's Eve, Li Hanyi tells the flower girl Shen Juxiang that she will be rich and famous. Later, when Juxiang is cheating Princess Gui Yanshang, Prince Gui Shouling spots her and offers her the opportunity to learn to sing and dance with Sanniang at the institution. Meanwhile, Hanyi is not only given some money by Cuihuan to assist his study, but also admired by Yanshang. Ignorant of the fact that Juxian is his benefactor, he insults Juxian by showing off his wealth at the institution. Though they have all the misunderstandings cleared afterwards, Shouling comes for Juxiang with betrothal gifts.

Shouling compels Juxiang to marry him. Besides sending Hanyi to Suzhou under escort, he further instructs his student Xie Baotong to harm Hanyi. However, Servant Wu Zhongyong, who writes the letter for Shouling, is barely literate and makes many mistakes. Thus, Baotong mistakes Juxiang as Shouling's foster daughter; and in order to suck up to Shouling, he asks Juxiang to be his sworn sister and even presides over the wedding for her and Hanyi.

Shocked at seeing Hanyi and Juxiang come back as newlywed, Shouling finally realizes the mistakes Zhongyong has made. Quoting Juxiang's poem, that is however a satirical one, on praising Du Juanhong, Zhongyong persuades Shouling to marry her instead. Shouling is outraged when he finds out that Juanhong is in fact very ugly!