• Artistic DirectorYuen Siu-fai

    Romance Across the East Wall

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    26. 11. 201519:30
    27. 11. 201519:30
Performance Introduction

Losing his family, Yi Hongqi accidentally loses his money at a temple. Luckily Yan Yuying, the daughter of Yan Shifan, picks up the lost wealth and returns to him. The young people are attracted to each other, though they have not exchanged their name. Hongqi fakes his loyalty to serve the Family of Yan. When he and Yuying secretly share poems with each other at the garden, the servant Zhou Song attempts to take his life under Shifan’s order. Shifan is angry with his daughter as she has saved Hongqi’s life, while Song sacrifices his life for his master. Meanwhile, the Family of Yan is punished by the Emperor. Yuying’s maid Qiubo replaces her master to become a servant of the Family of Chou. Some gangsters bully Yuying, who is looking for her lover. Protecting Yuying, Chou Xigang provides a shelter for her. Hongqi succeeds in the imperial exam, and gets informed that Yuying is assigned to the Family of Chou as a maid. Chou Yan adopts the fake Yuying(Qiubo) as his daughter. Misunderstanding this adopted maid is Hongqi’s lover, Xigang pledges his father to arrange a marriage between Yuying and Hongqi. During the marriage ceremony, to his surprise, Hongqi finds out the bride actually is Qiubo. On the wedding night, Hongqi and Yuying reunite in the garden. Yet, Xigang is jealous of the couple. Fortunately, Shifan arrives in time and explain the truth. Finally, the lovers live together happily ever after.