• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    The Immortal Zhang Yuqiao

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    03. 12. 201519:30
    04. 12. 201519:30
Performance Introduction

Li Chengdong, a betrayed General of Ming Dynasty, defeats the loyal officer Chen Zizhuang in a war. Injured and chased by Chengdong, Zizhuang returns home and requests his concubine Zhang Yuqiao to look after the family and flee away. When Zizhuang prepares himself for Chengdong, to his surprise, he finds out that the enemy has already taken his family as hostages. In the midst of chaos, Yuqiao is separated from other family members. In order to save them, she turns back to the house. Chengdong has always loved Yuqiao, and asks her to accept a marriage with him so as to save the Chen’s family. Yuqiao has no choice but surrender herself to him. Tong Yangjia, a noble of Qing Dynasty, persuades Zizhuang to surrender but in vain. Yangjia threatens to execute all his family members. Meanwhile, Chengdong arrives and asks Yangjia spares the Chen’s lives. Knowing Chengdong’s affection towards Yuqiao, Yangjia makes up an excuse to execute Zizhuang so as to bribe Chengdong. Yuqiao marries into Li’s family, yet never smiles again. On the pre-celebration banquet of Chengdong’s birthday, Yangjia is furious at the drama “Life of Yue Fei” presented and scolds at Chengdong for not handing over the Guangdong official seal. Yuqiao notices how horrified Chengdong gets. Knowing the drama group members are planning to overthrow Qing’s dynasty, Yuqiao asks the actor Wang Shou to be well prepared. Chengdong is curious that why Yuqiao smiles again. Finding out she is pleased to see the Ming’s clothing in the drama, Chengdong secretly wears the banned clothes and expects Yuqiao to smile. Instead, Yuqiao explains the political truth to him, and finally persuades him to fight against the Qing. On Chengdong’s birthday, Yuqiao invites the drama group members and loyal fighters to the banquet. They all take Yuqiao throwing a cup as a signal to fight. When Yangjia arrives to celebrate, Chengdong welcomes him in Ming’s clothing. In fury, Yangjia reminds Chengdong to be loyal to the new dynasty. Yuqiao severely criticizes Yangjia, while Shou leads the loyal fighters to the house and brings the enemy under control. In the end, Yuqiao sacrifices herself for the country.