• Artistic Director Loong Koon-tin

    The Butterfly and Red Pear Blossoms

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    14. 07. 201619:30
    15. 07. 201619:30
Performance Introduction

Zhao Ruzhou, a talented scholar from Shandong, falls in love with a famous songstress Xie Suqiu through exchanging letters and poems for three years. Qian Jizhi arranges them to meet in a temple but, Wang Fu, the Prime Minister, sends for Suqiu to perform at his feast and forces her to lead his 120 concubines to the state of Jin as a flattery. Ruzhou comes to see Suqiu but is expelled by Wang Fu. Ruzhou and Suqiu’s meeting becomes futile.


With the help from Liu Gongdao, one of Wang Fu's advisors, Suqiu flees by using the dead body of Feng Feiyan, who has poisoned herself, as a cover. Ruzhou follows the procession and is saddened by the news of Suqiu’s death. Suqiu and Ruzhou then seek refuge at Jizhi’s house respectively. One night, Ruzhou, being drunk, chases a red butterfly all the way to the Red Pear Yard and meets Suqiu. With Jizhi’s advice and Ruzhou’s propects in mind, Suqiu restrains herself from disclosing her true identity, but leaving Ruzhou a red pear flower as a metaphor for her love.


Later, Suqiu is betrayed by Shen Yongxin and taken back by Wang Fu. Fortunately, Ruzhou comes out first in the imperial examination and under the imperial order, goes to Wang Fu’s residence to investigate his bribery to the state of Jin. Surprised to see red pear flowers decorated everywhere, Ruzhou reunites with Suqiu finally and wins both Justice and Love.