• Artistic DirectorSun Kim-long

    The Revenge

    • Screenwriter
      Lee Siu-wan
    26. 11. 201319:30
    27. 11. 201319:30
Performance Introduction

Taking advantage of his national superiority, the Crown prince Di Hu of Kingdom Yanlang reaches Kingdom Fengyi to force Zhao Yanqin, daughter of the Imperial Censor, to marry him, but is teased by her fiancé General Guan Yifeng instead. In his fury, Di Hu leads his troops to attack Kingdom Fengyi. When there are no more soldiers and food to continue the defense, Yifeng decides to die for his country. He takes poison and persuades Yanqin to fake killing him and remarry Di Hu to save their unborn babies. He also asks Yanqin to save King Xiaxi’s life and restore him to the throne in future.

After Yanqin becomes the Queen of Yelang, her son, Xiaoyan, and daughter, Xiaocui, grow up. However, they regard Di Hu as their father. Yanqin suffers even more when they brutally treat the king of Fengyi and his subjects to celebrate her birthday. Xiaoyan is scolded by Yanqiu and feels puzzled. Seizing the chance, Servant Bao Zhuang tells Xiaoyan the long-lasting hostilities of the two kingdoms. Xiaoyan then tries to kill Yanqin at the nunnery.

After Yanqin disclosed the true story in tears, Xiaoyan and Xiaocui send a punitive expedition against Di Hu to revenge for their father. Upon the restoration of Kingdom Fengyi, Yanqin kills herself in front of Yifeng’s grave to show her loyalty.