• Artistic DirectorYuen Siu-fai

    A Showcase of Role Types I :
    Under the Umbrella from The Moon Pavilion, Waylaying the Horse, Retrieving the Head at Gao Ping Guan

    • Screenwriter
      Tan Qing-shuang (Under the Umbrella from The Moon Pavilion)
    10. 07. 201919:30
    11. 07. 201919:30
Performance Introduction

Under the Umbrella from The Moon Pavilion

Wang Sui Lan, daughter of the Minister of War, is separated from her mother during the war and meets the cultivated talent Cheung Sai Long one day in the wilderness. They fall in love during the journey and Sui Lan gives Sai Long her hairpin as a token of marriage.

Waylaying the Horse

Chiu Kwong Po was a member of the Yeung’s Military camp of the Song Dynasty, sells wine and stays outside the border due to the loss of his pass in the war. One day, Kwong Po meets the cross-dressed Yeung Yin-kay, who ranks eighth among the siblings and has been spying on military activities. He decides to steal Yin-kay’s pass in order to go back to Song’s territory. The two of them eventually find out each other’s identity. However, can both of them get rid of the pursuit?

Retrieving the Head at Gao Ping Guan

In the Five Dynasties, Gao Xingzhou, the Prince Eastern Lo, based at the Gao Ping Guan, the border of later Zhou, has always been a shoo-in in the battlefield. The Emperor of the later Zhou Dynasty, Guo Wei, is afraid Gao’s reputation will cause harm to his Empire. To kill Gao Xingzhou, Guo Wei imprisons the parents of Zhao Kuangyin and threatens the son to kill Gao Xingzhou in exchange of the freedom of his parents...