• Artistic DirectorYuen Siu-fai

    A Showcase of Role Types II : Pan Jinlian Seducing Her Brother-in-law, Waylaying the Horse, Chisang Town

    • Screenwriter
      Yuen Siu-fai (Chisang Town)
    12. 07. 201919:30
    13. 07. 201919:30
Performance Introduction

Pan Jinlian Seducing Her Brother-in-law

The young and pretty woman Pan Jinlian is so depressed and unsatisfied after marrying the short and ugly Wu Dalang. To her suprise and delight, her brother-in-law, the handsome Wu Song, comes to her house. Jinlian then decides to use her whole bag of tricks to seduce Wu Song. How should Wu Song handle her seducement?


Waylaying the Horse

Chiu Kwong Po was a member of the Yeung’s Military camp of the Song Dynasty, sells wine and stays outside the border due to the loss of his pass in the war. One day, Kwong Po meets the cross-dressed Yeung Kay, who ranks eighth among the siblings, spying on military activities. He decides to steal Kay’s pass to go back to Song’s territory. The two of them finally find out each other’s identity. What will happen to them on their way back to their homeland?


Chisang Town

Bao Zheng finds his nephew Bao Mian, the magistrate of the Xiaoshan County, corrupted and unfair. Bao Mian is found guilty after the investigation and Bao Zheng executes his nephew. Bao Mian’s mother, who is also Bao Zheng’s sister-in-law, rushes to Chisang Town after knowing the news and blames Bao Zheng for his cruelty. Bao Zheng explains to her with patience. Eventually the brother and sister- in-law reconcile.