• Artistic DirectorSun Kim-long

    The Story of Horse Selling

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    21. 11. 201819:30
    22. 11. 201819:30
Performance Introduction

Discovered their stepmother Saam Chuen’s affair with Tin Wong, Li Kwai Gi and her younger brother Bo Tung must escape. Kwai Gi’s father Li Ki, a horse merchant, comes home and asks the maid Chuen Fa for where his children are, but is unable to tell so because of the order from Saam Chuen. With the guilt she can’t bear, she escapes it all with a rope on roof. The two involved in the affair seize the opportunity to accuse Li Ki of attempting to rape Chuen Fa which causes her death. They even bribe the county magistrate to sentence Li Ki to death.


On the other hand, Kwai Gi is adopted by the Lau’s family. Later on, she marries the magistrate of Baocheng County, Chiu Chung, whose sister Lin Chu looks alike Chuen Fa. Lin Chu hears Li Ki crying in the prison and notifies Kwai Gi of it. She then finds out the false accusation on her father, she mourns it to her husband Chiu Chung. Chung prepares the petition for her in no time, calling for the inspector general on the court.


The inspector general turns out to be Kwai Gi’s brother Bo Tung. With Lin Chu disguises as Chuen Fa’s ghost, she succeeds in frightening the two into admitting their crime.  Finally, not only the father’s innocence is proven, Li’s family are also happily reunited with Bo Tung marrying Lin Chu.