• Artistic DirectorYuen Siu-fai

    The Outburst of a Shrew

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    10. 01. 202019:30
    11. 01. 202019:30
Performance Introduction

At the Song Emperor’s Spring Festival banquet, the talented Lau Yuk-ngo beats all gents in riddle and is awarded by the Emperor a jade coin. She gives it to her husband Chan Gwai-sheung. So Kam-cho, an unwilling candidate for the Emperor's harem, infiltrates into the palace as a dancer and seeks help from her cousin So Tung-po.


To avenge the insult and the salary-cut caused by Yuk-ngo, Tung-po advises Kam-cho to seduce Gwai-sheung and ask for the jade coin as the gift of engagement.


Back home, the infuriated Yuk-ngo beats Gwai-sheung with the rosewood stick and orders him to kneel and repent by a willowy pond. Tung-po seeks the chance to instigate Gwai-sheung to divorce Yuk-ngo. Yuk-ngo goes to the court for justice, but her uncle Kwai Yuk-shu tries to punish her for being a shrew. However, he himself is ordered to kneel by his wife. Gwai-sheung and Yuk-shu then go to seek help from the Emperor. The Emperor orders Yuk-ngo to let Gwai-sheung keep Kam-cho as his concubine but she refuses and chooses to take arsenic instead. In her last word, she urges Gwai-sheung to be loyal to Kam-cho. Her words move Gwai-sheung. Fortunately, the Empress has replaced the poison with vinegar. Finally, the couple is reconciled and reunited.