• Artistic Director Loong Koon-tin

    Happy Marriage Achieved

    • Screenwriter
      Lu Duo
    20. 10. 201219:30
Performance Introduction

Qiao Danfeng, a brilliant girl with civil and military talents, is proficient in Chinese medicine. She is always at odds with Dai Sangu, a woman quack opposite to her clinic. Zhang Zhongchi, a marquis from Huainan, looks for his mother, who has left him in his childhood. Sangu disguises herself as Zhongchi’s mother so as to cheat him for his fortune. Zhongchi is fooled by Sangu and thinks that she is his mother.


Zhongchi has a prenatal betrothal with Shima Jiaotong; yet he has discord with Jiaotong’s brother, which bothers the marriage. Meanwhile, Jiaotong has a secret love with a nobleman and seeks help from Danfeng in order to escape from the marriage with Zhongchi. Thus Danfeng disguises herself as Jiaotong and decides to spoil the marriage. However, Zhongchi and Danfeng fall in love with each other when they first meet. Sangu learns that Danfeng impersonates Jiaotong and plans to unmask her. But Sangu herself is also a fake and cannot unveil Danfeng’s plot. Eventually Zhongchi and Danfeng manage to have their wedding in the end.