• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    The Legend of Zhong Kui

    • Screenwriter
      Law Ka-ying
    08. 01. 201519:30
    09. 01. 201519:30
Performance Introduction

Zhong Kui bids farewell to his sister Zhong Ting before heading to the capital for the imperial examination. Taking advantage of his influence, Wan Cheng requests Kui to complete the exam for him. Fascinated at the beauty of Ting, Cheng proposes to marry her. Kui rejects both of Cheng's requests. To protect his sister Ting from the wicked and angry Cheng, Kui decides to bring her with him to the capital. Du Ping is bewitched by the Skeleton Goblin. While he is fleeing from the demon, he bumps into the Zhongs. Kui defeats the Goblin and travels to the capital together with Ping. The Royal Tutor Fang Yu plots to appoint Cheng to be the first place in exam. Cheng tells Yu that Kui not only refuses to write the paper for him but also insults the Royal Tutor. In fury, Yu asks Cheng to steal the paper written by Kui and grabs the first place. While appointing the first place in the exam, Chancery Liu reports to the Emperor that Cheng may have stolen other's paper. The Emperor requests Kui and Cheng presents their poetry on site. Although Kui is more talented than Cheng,the Emperor takes the wicked advice instead of recognizing the real talent. The furious Kui commits suicide on the court. Cheng tries to force Ting to be his wife. The spirit of Kui appears and drives him away. Kui, who is appointed by the God of Underworld as Commander of Ghost-Catcher, is so worried about his sister that he returns to the mortal world to arrange a marriage between her and Ping. Ping and Ting get married and live in bliss.