• Artistic DirectorWan Fai-yin

    The Warrior's Marriage

    • Screenwriter
      So Yung
    18. 11. 201419:30
    19. 11. 201419:30
Performance Introduction

Hua Yunlong, a general of Zhu Yuanzhang(the founding monarch of Ming Dynasty), kills Zhang Shicheng’s eldest son Zhang Ren and forces Hu Lan to accompany him to Wucheng state, where Yunlong identifies himself as Ren so as to cheat Chen Youliang to marry him his daughter, Princess Yinping. He succeeds after responding wittily to Zhang Dingbian’s questions.


Yunlong is reprimanded by his sister Yunfeng because of his indulgence in the newly-wed life. He then has a drink with Yinping at the backyard and persuades her to urge Youliang to join forces with Zhu at Lishan. Youliang is killed in an ambush at Lishan and the Princess vows to kill Yunlong to avenge her father. When Yinping leads the army to the city, the guilt-ridden Yunlong surrenders himself to her hands.


Having been wounded by Yunfeng, Yinping flees to a shabby temple, and Yunlong comes to help. Dingbian rushes there to kill Yunlong. Fortunately, Liu Bowen and Hu Lan arrive and disclose how Youliang kills the King of Northern Han, seizes his throne and his concubine, and even adopts his posthumous child as his own daughter. Yinping then knows that Yunlong actually helps kill her enemy. Finally, the lovers settle all the grudges.