• Artistic DirectorYuen Siu-fai

    Battle at Chang Ban Po

    • Screenwriter
      Yuen Siu-fai
    09. 01. 201419:30
    10. 01. 201419:30
Performance Introduction

The story sets at the Three Kingdom Era (220 - 280 AD) of Chinese history, which was a period of disunity and marked by chaotic fighting among the warlords.
Being incited and tempted by Beauty Diaochan, Lu Bu kills Dong Zhuo and indulges himself in wine and women. He then loses to the combined forces of Cao Cao and Liu Bei after Red Hare the steed has been stolen by his traitorous generals. One of his subordinates Chen Gong executed and the other one Zhang Liao surrenders to Cao Cao. Liu Bei covers his plot to annihilate Cao Cao by retreat to farming and avoiding politics. In spring, Cao Cao comes to test Liu Bei by inviting him to have a drink and discuss with him who the real heroes are. His doubts are dispelled by Liu Bei’s pretense of being shocked at a peal of thunder. Later, Liu Bei takes the chance to flee with his wives Lady Gan, Lady Mi, his infant son A'dou, his followers Jian Yong, Mi Fang and Mi Zhu and his people to flee to Jiangling under the protection of Zhao Yun. With regret, Cao Cao leads his troops to pursue him. Liu Bei is separated from his family on the way. Fortunately, Zhao Yun fights his way in and out enemy lines and rescues most of them. However, Lady Mi, with her leg being wounded by an arrow, kills herself by jumping into a well after she entrusts Liu Bei’s infant son A'dou to Zhao Yun. Zhao Yun then pushes soil down to fill the well and flees with A'dou. Seeing that Zhao Yun has killed his general and seized the Blue Blade sword, Cao Cao appreciates his ability and gives an order that Zhao Yun must be captured alive. Thus, Zhao Yun can fight his way out of the press and returns with A’dou to Liu Bei at Changban Bridge. There, Zhang Fei shocks Xiahou Jie, another general of Caos’, to death and Cao Cao has no choice but to retreat.