• Artistic Director Loong Koon-tin

    The Ten-year Dream

    • Screenwriter
      Tang Ti-sheng
    04. 09. 201219:30
Performance Introduction

General Yang Yue of the SuiDynasty leads his troops against the state of Chen and kills the king during the battle. Tradition demands the ritual extermination of the royal family, with the execution of the family members and the burning of their genealogy. The king’s sister, Princess Lechang, devises a plan with her husband, Xu Deyan,for the survival of the lineage. Disguising himself as a staff officer, the husband dispatches a copy of the genealogy to Liang while Minister Gu Cunyi smuggles their baby out of the palace. The princess and her husband each take one half of a mirror as a token of their future reunion. The husband departs, and the princess stays on to confront theexecutioner. Learning that the woman in front of him is Princess Lechang, Yang Yue is filled with admiration and pity. He decides to preserve the lineage by taking Lechang as his wife and adopting her child.


Nine years hence, the smuggled infant becomes Yang Xiaode, a boy who harbors doubts about his parentage. Gu Cunyi now runs a mirror shop in the market of Chang'an. While at the market purchasing old mirrors, Xu Deyan meets Yang Xiaode, and, learning about his wife and son, decides to reunite with them. Although still reminiscent of the days when they were a couple, the princess and her ex-husband find it hard to rekindle their love because of the changed circumstances. Learning that her ex-husband is still alive, Yang Yue offers to abdicate. Torn between the two men she loves, Lechang chooses suicide.