• Artistic DirectorSun Kim-long

    The Double-pearl Phoenix

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    05. 07. 201919:30
    06. 07. 201919:30
Performance Introduction

Intellectual Man Bit-jing encounters Fok Ding-kam, daughter of the Minister Fok, at a nunnery. He finds her double-pearl phoenix hairpin under peach blossom and pretends to be a fortune teller to approach her. Bit-jing sells himself as a servant to the Fok family in order to get close to Ding-kam. Ding Hon-sheng, the Prince Hon's adopted son, has no real talents and always wishes to get married with Ding-kam. On the Prince's birthday banquet, Bit-jing exposes the proud Hon-sheng’s inability and further embarrasses him. With the order from Minister Fok, Bit-jing brings the plum blossom to Ding-kam's chamber. Ding-kam’s servant, Chau Wah makes fun of Bit-jing but allow him to see his love only when Bit-jing promises to adopt her as his sister. Bit-jing and Ding-kam pledge their love to each other and get engaged before Bit-jing leaves for the Imperial Test.

Upon learning the news of her marriage to Hon-sheng, Ding-kam sets fire to the chamber to fabricate her death and runs away with Chau Wah to capital for Bit-jing. With no direction for Bit-jing and limited money, the homeless Ding-kam and Chau Wah linger around. Fortunately, the talent of Ding-kam in literature is cherished by the old Prime Minister Lau King who then adopts Ding-kam as his own daughter. After reading the "Imperial Prayer to Heaven" written by Ding-kam, the Emperor is so impressed with her flair and titles her Princess. Bit-jing is summoned to the palace after winning the championship in the Imperial Test. Due to his love to Ding-kam, Bit-jing refuses to marry the Princess even it is a royal order. Recognized Ding-kam is the Princess, Bit-jing changes his attitude and accept the marriage willingly which irritates the narrow-minded Hon-sheng. To comfort Hon-sheng, Bit-jing marries his adopted sister, Chau Wah, to Hon-sheng.