• Artistic Director Loong Koon-tin

    The Heroes and the Beauty

    • Screenwriter
      Poon Yat-fan
    29. 09. 201319:30
Performance Introduction

The King of Northern Qi invades Ngai, and violates Concubine Ngai. He then dies suddenly after Concubine Ngai gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl. When the jealous Queen intends to kill Concubine Ngai and the twins, Choi-ha and Yung Chun take them to flee the palace. Kwok Sai-fan is then ennobled for killing Concubine Ngai.

Choi-ha adopts Princess Fung-lin as her niece and earns their living by selling medicine in the streets while Yung Chun adopts Prince Yuk-lung as his son. As a grown-up, Fung-lin loves both Chiu Kum-lung the outlander and Yuk-lung. At first, she chooses to marry Chiu Kum-lung. However, learning that Yuk-lung becomes The Queen of Northern Qi’s foster son, Fung-lin finally decides to be Yuk-lung’s wife, in order to avenge her mother.

Taunted and angered by Yuk-lung, Kum-lung, who actually is the Crown Prince of Chiu, goes home and leads his troops to attack Qi. Before the wedding night, Yuk-lung is defeated and wounded at the battlefield.

Kum-lung intrudes into the palace and sees Choi-ha who clears the misunderstandings between the lovers. And when Kum-lung tries to kill Yuk-lung, Chun stops him by exposing the identity of the twins. After the reunited brother and sister kill the Queen and Sai-fan, they regain control of the country.