• Artistic DirectorWan Fai-yin

    The Sounds of Battle

    • Screenwriter
      Chui Tsz-long
    09. 01. 201619:30
    10. 01. 201619:30
Performance Introduction

During the Period of the Warring States, Kingdom Qi launches an attack against Kingdom Zhao, taking advantage of its successor being young. Zhao seeks help from Kingdom Qin, but the Qin concubine Luoxia demands that the Lord of Changan be sent to Qin as a hostage. Princess Regent Cuibi rejects her demand and starts to look for elites to save the country. Ma Hangtian recommends both his foster son Xia Qingyun and his own son Ma Rulong. Though Qingyun disdains worldly constraints, the Princess highly appreciates his talents and appoints him as her general.

Upon the day of joining forces with Kingdom Zhao, King Zhuang of Qin falls for the beauty of Cuibi but she dedicates Qingyun a guqin (a Chinese string instrument) and a sword as tokens of love. After defeating the Kingdom Qi’s army, King Zhuang compels Cuibi to marry him. In fury, Qingyun intrudes the Heroes’ Terrace when Cuibi is performing for King Zhuang at the feast. In order to save Qingyun’s life, Cuibi relegates him three times.

As Cuibi departs for Kingdom Qin, Qingyun comes to know the truth of her marriage and sees her off with sorrow. After that, Qingyun pulls himself together. With Luoxia switching sides to help, he defeats King Zhuang and gets Cuibi back. Finally, the two states are on friendly terms again, and Qingyun and Cuibi come together.