• Artistic DirectorWong Chiu-kwan

    Romance in the Court

      30. 11. 201819:30
      01. 12. 201819:30
    Performance Introduction

    Princess Lam Tsun has stayed in the palace for five years after her husband was summoned to the border on the wedding night, she has been then treated poorly as a widow who brings the palace bad luck. One day, Wong Zou meets Lam Tsun in the palace and they fall in love due to each other’s talent. The Crown Prince helps bringing their marriage to come true. Unexpectedly, Lam Tsun’s husband, Chiu Fai, is back in the town and mistaken himself the groom in the coming wedding. Found that Lam Tsun is going to remarry with Zou, Chiu Fai makes up that he has married another woman even he is still into Lam Tsun.

    When Lam Tsun returns the engagement pledge to Chui Fai, she discovers that Chu Fai’s fabricated wife and it was made up just for Lam Tsun’s marriage with Zou. Their meet up is encountered and mistaken as a tryst by envious Wong Zou. Drowning in sadness and jealousy, Zou paralyses himself with alcohol. Chui Kiu seizes this chance to seduce Zou. Lam Tsun is shocked when she finds out her beloved husband has betrayed her. The scandal is then disclosed when the new Emperor conferring title to Chui Kiu. Both Wong Zou and Chui Kiu are put into prison and sentenced to death. Chiu Fai saves Zou from execution secretly. Later, Zou disguises as a maid who assists Lam Tsun to labour. While Wong Zou wants to reunite with Lam Tsun and their new born, the Emperor comes to comfort Lam Tsun by allowing her to bring her husband’s corpse from the hometown, Dingto, after Queen Dowager is dead. Lam Tsun travels to Zou’s hometown with Chiu Fai for sacrifice offering and finds out Zou is still alive. Lam Tsun decides to stay with Zou and not back to palace, thus she orders Chiu Fai to convey her stay in Dingto for the rest of her life to the Emperor.