• Artistic DirectorWan Fai-yin

    Tomb of the Fragrant Gown

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    31. 12. 201319:30
    01. 01. 201419:30
Performance Introduction

Chiu Si Chun, a suspicious and jealous general, marries Lam Yu Heung, who is from a bordello. Because their son Hei Long has dropped a sash of Yu Heung’s underclothes at his tutor Luk Sai Fo’s room, Si Chun misunderstands that Yu Heung and Sai Fo have an affair. He realizes his mistakes only after Sai Fo leaves with a letter. Si Chun keeps Yu Heung’s sash with him in order to remember his wife’s virtuousness. At a scam-inn, Si Chun kills a robber by cutting his head off, and covers the body with his clothes and ties it up with the sash. Everybody thinks that Si Chun is killed.


The Huaiyang county magistrate accuses Yu Heung and Chiu Kan of adultery and murder because Qin is holding Yu Heung who tries to hang herself when the constables arrive. Saam Neung, foster mother of Yu Heung, takes Hei Long to the court to tell their grievances. Unexpectedly, the judge turns out to be Fai Fo who believes Yu Heung is lascivious and sentences her to death. But, out of gratitude, he sets off for his new post with Hei Long and has his newly-wed wife Chun Lai Mui taking care of him.


Later, Si Chun returns in honour and reunites with Hei Long. Shocked by the death of Yu Heung, he decides to go home to mourn at her tomb. In disguise of a ghost, Yu Heung reprimands him and then tells how she escaped in disguise of a deceased prisoner with the help of jailor Chai Chuen. Finally, Si Chun and Yu Heung are reconciled and reunite with Hei Long.