• Artistic DirectorDanny Li Chi-kei

    Beauty fades from 12 ladies

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    02. 10. 201419:30
    03. 10. 201419:30
Performance Introduction

Wei Songle and Li Jianfeng save a pair of baby boy and girl which tightly embrace each other. They decide to raise each of them respectively and arrange a marriage for them after fifteen years at Hai Ning City. The grown-up Li Haiyan is a singing lady at her father Jianfeng’s “12 Ladies Music Chamber”. 5 years after the marriage promise, only when Haiyan decides to marry the King of Hai Ning City Jia Yanling, Wei Dingyi finds her. They regret so much meeting each other late. After a year Haiyan gives birth to a daughter for Yanling, while Yanling’s sister Jilan is pregnant with Dingyi’s baby. When Jilan takes her lover to see Haiyan, Yan-ling mistakenly kills Dingyi. Haiyan cannot bear the sorrow so she takes her own life. Jilan chooses to run away from family.

After 16 years, Yanling’s daughter Xiaoyan invites Jilan to come back home for her father’s birthday banquet. She falls in love at the first sight of Jilan’s son Xiaoyi. However, Xiaoyi mistakenly sues his own uncle, leading to a death penalty for the whole family of Jia’s. Yanling’s mother kills herself after telling him the wrongdoings of his father Jia Shidao. To save his daughter’s life, Yanling drives Xiaoyan out from the family. Xiaoyi tries to explain to Xiaoyan at “12 Ladies Music Chamber” but fails. Fortunately, he stops the execution with the Emperor’s order of exemption. Yanling reveals that Jilan is the royal member of the Song Dynasty. As Xiaoyi and Xiaoyan have no ties in kinship, they can finally marry each other blissfully.