• Artistic Director Loong Koon-tin

    The Princess in Distress

    • Screenwriter
      Chui Tsz-long
    20. 01. 201519:30
    21. 01. 201519:30
Performance Introduction

Having lived as a hostage in Jin since childhood, Princess Hung Luen gives Yea Luet Kwan Hung her pledge to be his wife. However, her ship is sunk by pirates on the way back to Song(China’s territory). In the water, Hung Luen is mistaken as Ngai Sau Din, who tries to drown herself to avoid the marriage arranged by her father Ngai Sze On. Hung Luen is saved by Ngai Sze On, but has lost her memory. Later, Sze On marries her to Sheung Chuen Hau in his daughter’s place. Madame Sheung despises Hung Luen, but Chuen Hau, out of pity, accommodates her.

Kwan Hung, being the champion in the imperial examination for military officers, bumps into Hung luen at Minister Sheung’s mansion. However, he is wrongly regarded as a flirtatious man and expelled by Minister Sheung. One night, Prince Dik, brother of Hung Luen, comes to order Sze On to translate a letter from Jin. Trying to fudge on it but in vain, Sze On has Princess Hung Luen disguised as a man and read the letter. Prince Dik is impressed and decides to marry his sister (Sau Din) to Hung Luen.

On the wedding night, the two girls each give birth to a baby. Madame Sheung has no choice but to say that she is the mother of the newborns. That night, under the order from Prince Dik, Kwan Hung tries to investigate the strange case, but his true identity is revealed. Facing punishment from Prince Dik, the desperate Kwan Hung sings “The Barbarian's Song” which revives Hung Luen's memory and unexpectedly leads to the reunion of the Ngai’s family. Finally, happiness befalls the two pairs of lovers after so much distress.