• Artistic DirectorSun Kim-long

    The Princess in Distress

    • Screenwriter
      Chui Tsz-long
    04. 07. 201819:30
    05. 07. 201819:30
Performance Introduction

Having lived as a hostage in Jin since childhood, Princess Hung-luen gives Yealuet Kwan-hung her pledge to be his wife. However, her ship is sunk by pirates on the way back to Song. Hung-luen and Ngai Sau-tin are saved separately, but Sau-tin is mis-identified as Hung-luen, while Ngai Sze-on let the memory loosing Hung-luen to be his daughter.


One night, Duke Dik, comes to order Sze-on to translate a letter from Jin. Sze-on has Hung-luen disguised as a man and read the letter. Duke Dik is impressed and decides to marry his sister, who is now Sau-tin, to Hung-luen.


* An opening ceremony and the set piece "Birthday of the God of Venus" will be performed before the start of the 4th of July performance. The show would start early at 7:30pm.


On the wedding night, the two ladies each give birth to a baby. Madame Sheung has no choice but to pretend she is the mother. Duke Dik orders Kwan-hung, the champion in the imperial examination for military officers, to investigate the case, but Kwan-hung’s identity is revealed. Facing punishment, the desperate Kwan-hung sings “The Barbarian's Song” revives Hung-luen's memory and the lovers reunited.