• Artistic DirectorYuen Siu-fai

    Huang FeiHu Breaching the Five Passes

    • Screenwriter
      Mo Zhi-qin
    24. 01. 201319:30
    25. 01. 201319:30
Performance Introduction

During his triumphant return to the capital, Huang FeiFu learns that King Zhou has massacred his ministers. Hastily, he makes his way to the palace to remonstrate. Tanji, the King's consort, who is chastised by Queen Huang for making sexual advance towards FeiFu, bears grudge. FeiFu's wife, Jia, enters the palace to bid Happy New Year to Queen Huang, who is FeiFu's sister. Meanwhile, Tanji is hosting a banquet for King Zhou at the Star Tower. Tanji lures Jia to molestation by the King. Unable to bear such humiliation, Jia jumped to her death. Hearing the news, the Queen hastens to the scene to reprimand TanJi. By mistake, the queen hits King Zhou in the head and gets executed. As FeiFu waits anxiously at home for his wife, he dreams of her ghost appearing to bid farewell before her eternal departure. FeiFu, shocked at the sight of the returned corpse of Jia, is further distraught by news of his sister’s death. All commanders condemn King Zhou's inhumanity, and urge FeiFu to stage a revolt. FeiFu’s revolt is met with huge resistance from the King. At the moment that he is about to dispatch Zhou, Jia's ghost appears again to reveal that Shang dynasty has already lost the Heaven’s mandate and its days are numbered, and urges him to join Xiqi to form a people's quest against Zhou.





Translation: Loretta Ling Yeung