• Artistic DirectorSun Kim-long

    Contention for the Seal

    • Screenwriter
      Chong Sun Sing Scenarists Group
    23. 08. 201219:30
    24. 08. 201219:30
Performance Introduction

Shangguan Yunlong and Situ Wenfeng both win victorious battles, so the Emperor bestowed upon them the title "Marquis of the South" and "Marquis of the West." As they both get on their way home, their processions run into each other and refuse to give way.


Unable to resolve the conflict, they return to court. Back at court, the Emperor has a difficult time appeasing them as they both threaten to retire. The Emperor resorts to make Wenfeng a princess and marry her to Yunlong. Inside the wedding chamber, Yunlong and Wenfeng are shocked but are forced to accept the marriage due to the Emperor’s order.


The next morning, the Northern barbarians invade and the young couple fight each other to lead the army. Yunlong and Wenfeng get into a deal to fight for the general commander's seal but one is not able to defeat the other. The Emperor does a lucky draw and Wenfeng wins. Yunlong purposely reports to the camp late and is ordered to fight alone as punishment. Yunlong is surrounded and writes a letter asking for help. Wenfeng leads the army to rescue him and defeats the enemies. The couple finally dissolve their grudges and return to court in victory.