• Journey to the West :
    Uproar in Dragon Palace

      05. 08. 202314:30
      06. 08. 202311:00
      06. 08. 202314:30
      16. 09. 202314:30
      17. 09. 202311:00
      17. 09. 202314:30
    Performance Introduction

    The staging of Uproar in Dragon Palace has received high acclaim in the last summer holiday. This year, the Monkey King is back for the adventures! Created by Wong Chiu-kwan, the artistic director and Tsai Chih-wei, the martial arts choreographer, and performed by a group of young actors, Uproar in Dragon Palace will take us on the journey of the Monkey King storming through the Dragon Palace, battling with the Dragon King over the precious weapons and fighting with the Shrimp soldiers and Crab Generals. Can the Monkey King gain what he wants and bring them to Flower-Fruit Mountain?


    The audience can meet our characters during the post-performance session. You will also have the chance to learn about the four elements of performance technique — singing, speaking, moving, and acrobatics. Spending your time with the Monkey King over the weekend is definitely a fun family activity.


    Venue: Ko Shan Theatre New Wing Auditorium

    Artistic Director︰Wong Chiu-Kwan

    Martial Arts Choreographer: Tsai Chih-wei

    (The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) allowed to participate in this production.)


    Senior Citizens (aged 60 or above), Full-time student, People with Disabilities& the minder & CSSA have 50% of Discount.

    Tickets available at URBTIX from 23 June 2023.

    Program duration is about 1.5 Hours. One person per ticket. Children over 3 years old admitted .