• Appreciation of 1950-60s Cantonese Opera Excerpt:The Tune of Sorrow from Merciless Sword Under Merciful Heaven

      14. 10. 202314:30
      15. 10. 202314:30
    Performance Introduction

    Wai Chung-fai and Lui Dau-tsz both lived in seclusion in the Forest of Purple Bamboo and the Valley of Red Plum. They have been playing musical instruments together since they were children. Yet, they have never disclosed their real name to each other, nor did they realize that their families are hostile to one another, even though they have developed a mutual feeling. One day, Dau-tsz was forced into a marriage with the Prince of Ji, thus she wrote a letter to reject the love from the prince. Wu To-chung, the servant, passed the letter to Chung-fai by mistake, which made Chung-fai heartbroken. Kwai Yuk-sheung, the foster sister of Chung-fai, scorned his overreaction on romance and revealed the enmity between the two families…


    DATE and TIME︰(14/10 , 15/10) 14:30


    *Program duration is about 1.5 Hours

    Venue: Ko Shan Theatre New Wing Auditorium

    Artistic Director︰Wan Fai-yin