• Appreciation of 1950-60s Cantonese Opera Excerpt:
    Parting with Wife and Reunion from When Swallows Return Parting

    • Screenwriter
      Poon Yat-fan
    21. 10. 202314:30
    22. 10. 202314:30
Performance Introduction

〈Farewell to Wife〉
How ruthless can a woman be for love? Princess Hung San-wu of Eastern Qi has a huge crush on Ngai Kim-wan, deceiving Kim-wan and taking away the child of him and Bak Lei-heung. She forces Lei-heung to lie to Kim-wan that their baby has died. When Kim-wan returns home, Lei-heung conceals the child's whereabouts, and the couple reluctantly parts, expressing their sorrow of separation. Princess San-wu orders General Choi Hung-fung to kill Lei-heung and palace maid Sik Fa to drown the baby. With mother and child in imminent danger, what can be done?

Princess San-wu is confronted by General Hung-fung and palace maid Sik Fa, and Kim-wan stands up for justice. Princess San-wu regrets her actions and willingly cancels the engagement. Bak Chi-sing saves the baby, and the family of Lei-heung can finally celebrates their reunion.


DATE and TIME︰(21/10 , 22/10) 14:30


*Program duration is about 1.5 Hours

Venue: Ko Shan Theatre New Wing Auditorium

Artistic Director︰Sun Kim-long