• Artistic DirectorYuen Siu-fai

    Princess Changping

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik -sang
    11. 12. 201419:30
    12. 12. 201419:30
Performance Introduction

Towards the end of the Ming Dynasty, the emperor tells Princess Changping to select her husband, and Zhou Shixian, the son of the Minister of Coachman, becomes the chosen. However, the capital falls to the rebels when Shixian is being ennobled at the Palace. Emperor Chongzhen puts his wives to death before killing his daughters with his sword. Then, he hangs himself at Meishan.


The Princess, having been wounded by her father, is rescued by Zhou Zhong. Knowing her father and brother’s plot to surrender the Princess to the Qing Emperor, Zhou's daughter, assisted by an old nun, helps the Princess disguise as the deceased nun Weiqing and live in seclusion. A year later, passing by the nunnery, Shixian comes across the Princess picking firewoods as a nun. After a few queries of her true identity, Zhou reunites with the Princess and arranges to meet her again that night.


As he comes for the Princess with Zhou and his son at the Purple Jade Villa, Shixian persuades her to go back to the palace with him and beg the Qing Emperor to give a decent burial for her father and release her brother. With their wishes granted, the princess and Shixian ask for their wedding ritual to be performed under the camphor tree. Then, they both take poison and sacrifice for their country.