• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    The Gold Life-saving Medal

    • Screenwriter
      So Yung
    18. 07. 201219:30
Performance Introduction

The King of Song loves concubine Kwok Siu-fung while the Mother Queen hates her. Prince Wah-ying, the child of the passed away queen, is in love with the court lady Leung Chi-yuk which is known by the concubine. Siu-fung then tells the King for the sake of her son Prince Wah-hong. The Minister is blamed by the King for not being an adequate mentor and is ordered to beat the Crown Prince for his good. The Mother Queen knows about the lovers’ story and let them get married. The furious concubine puts poison to the wine in the wedding of the couple, but the wine is accidentally drunk by the Mother Queen...