• Artistic DirectorChan Ka-ming

    From Top Scholar to Night Watchman (Cancelled)

    • Screenwriter
      Liu Yu-on
    28. 01. 202219:30
    29. 01. 202219:30
Performance Introduction

A scholar named Shum Man-so (Shen Wensu), being framed by a government official, disguises himself as a woman to flee with his servant.  He is saved by Lau Sim-kam (Liu Chanjin), leader of the brigands living in Kau Fung Mountain, who disguises herself as a man.  Man-so and Sim-kam get married. When Man-so learns that Sim-kam is a brigand, he leaves and goes to the capital to take the imperial examination in which he excels and becomes a government official.  Sim-kam hears the news, so she goes to the capital to see Man-so, who turns her away. Thirteen years after Sim-kam has gone back to the mountain, there is a war against Liao soldiers at the border, Prime Minister Wong (Prime Minister Wong) recommends Sim-kam to lead their soldiers to fight against Liu’s invasion.  In revenge for Man-so’s disloyalty, Sim-kam deploys him to transport military rations. Man-so is then punished to serve as a night watchman because of the delay in transportation.  In this adversity, Man-so repents thoroughly of his misdeeds.  With Prime Minister Wong’s help in mediation, this couple are finally reconciled.

Special announcement (17/01/2022):


The performance of the "From Top Scholar to Night Watchman" originally scheduled at 7:30PM on January 28 and 29, 2022 will be cancelled due to closure of cultural facilities of LCSD arising from the epidemic situation. The details on the programme change will be announced soon.


Sorry for any inconveniences caused.