• Artistic DirectorYuen Siu-fai

    The Reunion by a White Hare

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    03. 02. 202119:30
    04. 02. 202119:30
Performance Introduction

The wind blows away Li Saam-neong’s handkerchief and leads her to the stable, where she encounters the down-and-out Lau Chi-yuen. Regardless of Chi-yuen’s poverty, her father approves their marriage. However, instigated by his wife, Saam-neong’s brother, Hung-yat forces Chi-yuen to divorce Saam-neong after the death of their parents. This leads to the separation of the Li’s family. Hung-yat allocates the poor melon field to Saam-neong as her share of their parents’ legacy. Unexpectedly, Chi-yuen gets a sword and a book on military strategy in the melon demon infested field and he determines to join the army. This leaves Saam-neong no choice but to live with Hung-yat’s family. Being maltreated, Saam-neong has to bite the umbilical cord off by herself in her delivery. Taking pity on his sister, Hung-shun volunteers to take the newborn baby to look for his father. Hung-shun arrives at Jiuzhou and reunites the father and son. Ngok Sau-ying, daughter of the Marshal, loves Chi-yuen but he loves his wife. Chi-yuen matches Sau-ying with Hung-shun instead. Years later, Chi-yuen is ennobled and returns to his homeland with his son Ngau Ci-long. While hunting for a hare, Ngau Ci-long comes across Saam-neong by a well. However, the mother and son don’t know each other. Learning Saam-neong’s news from his son, Chi-yuen sets out to meet his wife and gives Saam-neong a gold seal. Seeing Saam-neong’s gold seal and Chi-yuen’s prestigious status, Hung-yat and his wife try hard to flatter them but are reproached by Chi-yuen. Ngau Ci-long reunites with his family finally.



Special announcement (01/02/2021):


The performance of the "The Reunion by a White Hare" originally scheduled at 7:30PM on February 3 and 4, 2021 will be cancelled due to closure of cultural facilities of LCSD arising from the epidemic situation. The details on the programme change will be announced soon.


Sorry for any inconveniences caused.


Special announcement (06/02/2021):


As the performances were cancelled due to the closure of performance venues, the performance scheduled on 3 & 4 February 2021 cannot arrange re-sheduled performance and refund will be arranged.


Patrons who keep the original intact tickets can use them for the rescheduled performance on the assigned dates.


Please refer to the below link for programme rescheduling and refund arrangement:Programme rescheduling and refund arrangement