• Artistic DirectorSun Kim-long

    The Reunion by a White Hare

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    26. 07. 202319:15
    27. 07. 202319:30
Performance Introduction

The wind blows away Lee Sam-leung (Li Sanniang)’s handkerchief and leads her to the stable, where she encounters the down-and-out Lau Chi-yuen (Liu Zhiyuan). Regardless of Chi-yuen’s poverty, her father approves their marriage. However, instigated by his wife, Sam-leung’s brother, Hung-yat (Hongyi) forces Chi-yuen to divorce Sam-leung after the death of their parents. This leads to the separation of the Lee’s family. Hung-yat allocates the poor melon field to Sam-leung as her share of their parents’ legacy. Unexpectedly, Chi-yuen gets a sword and a book on military strategy in the melon demon infested field and he determines to join the army. This leaves Sam-leung no choice but to live with Hung-yat’s family. Being maltreated, Sam-leung has to bite the umbilical cord off by herself in her delivery. Taking pity on his sister, Hung-shun (Hongxin) volunteers to take the newborn baby to look for his father. Hung-shun arrives at Jiuzhou and reunites the father and son. Ngok Sau-ying (Yue Xiuying), daughter of the Marshal, loves Chi-yuen but he loves his wife. Chi-yuen matches Sau-ying with Hung-shun instead. Years later, Chi-yuen is ennobled and returns to his homeland with his son Ngau Chi-long (Yao Qi-lang). While hunting for a hare, Ngau Chi-long comes across Sam-leung by a well. However, the mother and son don’t know each other. Learning Sam-leung’s news from his son, Chi-yuen sets out to meet his wife and gives Sam-leung a gold seal. Seeing Sam-leung’s gold seal and Chi-yuen’s prestigious status, Hung-yat and his wife try hard to flatter them but are reproached by Chi-yuen. Ngau Chi-long reunites with his family finally.


On 26 July opening will performance cantonese opera ritual plays : Eight Immortals Bestowing Longevity / Blessing Of Promotion / Heavenly Maiden Delivers Son (The show will start earlier at 7:15pm)