• Artistic DirectorWan Fai-yin

    Mistake at the Flower Festival

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    25. 11. 202119:30
    26. 11. 202119:30
Performance Introduction

At the Flower Festival, Lau Yuet-ying (Liu Yueying) falls in love with Bin Kei (Bian Ji) at first sight. Chun-lan (Chunlan), her maid, helps match them, but servant Mung-luk (Meng Liu) sends the invitation letter by mistake to Chau Tung (Zhou Tong), a rogue, instead of Bin Kei. Chun-lan comes by boat at night to visit Bin Kei and advises him to dress as a woman when visiting Yuet-ying. As Yuet-ying can't finish Bin Kei's embroidered shoes in time, Chun-lan gets a pair of new shoes from Madame Lau by a trick.

By mistake, Chau Tung grabs Bin Kei home when Bin Kei sneaks in Yuet-ying’s house as a flower-girl. Fortunately, Bin Kei flees before the wedding night and goes for the imperial examination. A year later, Chau Tong comes for Yuet-ying again and finds that the bride Lau Ka-ling (Liu Jialing) took away is in fact his sister Chau Yuk-lau (Zhou Yulou). Meanwhile, Bin Kei comes home as the top scorer in the imperial examination. After teaching Chau Tung a lesson and expressing his gratitude to Chun-lan for being his match-maker, Bin Kei and Yuet-ying become a happy couple finally.