• Artistic DirectorWong Chiu-kwan

    Crying on the Erlang Bridge(cancelled)

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    04. 12. 202019:30
    05. 12. 202019:30
Performance Introduction

One night, when Tse-zoe returns home after meeting his lover Chun-heong, he crosses the plank across the river as usual, the plank breaks and Tse-zoe falls into the river. Tse-zoe’s brother Yiu-zoe rescues Tse-zoe, but Yiu-zoe has hurt his face and arm. To help his brother meeting his lover, Yiu-zoe starts to build the Erlang Bridge (Erlang means the second son).


Ten years later, the brothers uncle Lee Tong-hin buy a wife for Yiu-zoe, which is Chun-heong selling herself. Yiu-zoe finds out his wife is the lover of his brother on the wedding night, so he writes a letter and leaves to join the army, to match the lovers . However, the letter is tears by his cousin Mei-chu.


Tse-zoe see Chun-heong off to visit her mother, but he leaves Chun-heong alone to continue her way in the Ten miles pavilion. Ga Wah appears and tries to harass Chun-heong, but is hurt by her when she defends. Ga Wah accuses Chun-heong and Tse-zoe having an affair. Chun-heong pled guilty for murdering Ga Wah, to put her lover away from the crime scene. Can the lover reunites after these ups and downs?


Special announcement (01/12/2020):

Due to the pandemic disease, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) announced that all performance venues will only open for livestream and recorded performances/activities without live audiences and rehearsals by professional groups, the performance of the "Crying on the Erlang Bridge" originally scheduled at 7:30PM on December 4 and 5, 2020 will be cancelled. The details on the programme change will be announced soon.
Sorry for any inconveniences caused.


Special announcement (06/02/2021):


As the performances were cancelled due to the closure of performance venues, the performance scheduled on 4 & 5 December 2020 cannot arrange re-sheduled performance and refund will be arranged.


Patrons who keep the original intact tickets can use them for the rescheduled performance on the assigned dates.


Please refer to the below link for programme rescheduling and refund arrangement Programme rescheduling and refund arrangement