• Artistic DirectorChan Ka-ming

    A Marriage of Righteousness

    • Screenwriter
      Poon Cheuk
    27. 08. 202219:30
    28. 08. 202219:30
Performance Introduction

Queen Chui (Queen Xu), along with his father Chui Sheung (Xu Xiang), intends to usurp the throne but fails to draw Wai Man-chung (Wei Wenzhong), imperial censor (head of the supervisory system of the ancient Chinese) to their side. Wai Man-chung’s behaviour rubs Queen Chui and puts him on a death sentence, but Tai-kong (Dagang), the eldest son of Man-chung, replaced his father for the punishment. Chuen-yee (Cunyi), Queen Chui and Chui Sheung witness Tai-kong’s death and enslave the Wai (Wei) family by keeping them in captivity in the palace. Meanwhile, to take good care of Tai-kong’s wife Lau Lan-heung (Liu Lanxiang), Cheun-yi marries her. Lan-heung suffers from a rare disease, and only the hereditarily dispensed medication from the Wai’s family could ease the symptoms. Therefore, Cheun-yi secretly sneaks into the stone house to steal the prescription for Lan-heung. During which, Ching-han discovers Cheun-Yi and mistakes him for a raper. Cheun-yi releases Ching-han and Chi-leung (Zhiliang) from captivity in the palace to patch up a quarrel. Ching-han and Chi-leung bump into Tai-kong on their way to flee. Not until now did the three realize how Cheun-yi helped everyone. Then, the Wai’s siblings join forces to form a squad to assist the crown prince recapture the throne. Can the Wai family exact final vengeance? How will Chui Cheun-yi’s grievances of the Wai Family be settled?