• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    The Dragon Order

    • Screenwriter
      So Yung
    19. 08. 202219:30
    20. 08. 202219:30
Performance Introduction

The master of Dragon Mountain Stronghold Yiu Kong (Yao Gang) is the son of a loyal official who was framed and executed by the queen's brother. One day, Kong goes into town to participate in a martial skills competition organised by Wong Ying (Wang Ying) for the hand in marriage of her daughter Wong Ling-sin (Wang Lingxian). Kong defeats Kwok Tin-chi (Guo Tianci), son of the queen's brother, and marries Wong Ling-sin. Kong misunderstands that Wong Ying is his family's enemy. He steals the evidence of the secret deals of queen's brother with the barbarians and returns to his stronghold alone.Wong Ling-sin and her father struggle to look for Kong in the mountains and finally the truth is revealed. Kong leads his troops to defeat queen's brother and saved the Han dynasty.