• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    The Gold Life-Saving Medal

    • Screenwriter
      So Yung
    17. 08. 202219:30
    18. 08. 202219:30
Performance Introduction

Kwok Chiu-fung (Guo Xiaofeng) is the beloved concubine of the Emperor of Song from the West Palace, and is too beloved that it makes the Queen Dowager unhappy. Prince Wah-ying (Prince Huaying), Crown Prince and the son of the passed queen, secretly falls in love with Leung Tsz-yuk (Liang Ziyu), a maid from the West Palace. Chiu-fung notices this secret affair and informs the Emperor to persuade the Emperor to tear the Crown Prince’s heir and pass it to her own son Prince Wah-hung (Prince Huaxiong). The tutor of Prince Wah-ying, Hung Ling-ching (Lingzheng), advises the Emperor to think twice for it. Yet, a punishment of beating is all he gets as being blamed Ling-ching for failing to teach the Prince suitable manners. This affair comes into Queen Dowager’s ear, she then summons the two to come. The Queen finds Tsz-yuk a decent and worthy wife for the Prince, Queen Dowager agrees the marriage between Wah-ying and Tsz-yuk. On the wedding night, Chiu-fung poisons the wine in the hope to kill the Crown Prince, but it is the Queen Dowager who comes to congratulate the newly-wed couple it kills. Chiu-fung then changes her plan, accusing the couple killing the Queen. Chiu-fung requests the Emperor to execute Wah-ying and buries Tsz-yuk alive. To save his brother, Wah-hung asks to supervise the execution so he can release Wah-ying during execution. Wah-ying seeks help from Emperor of Chu to call for justice. King of Chu grants him a life-saving gold medal. Wah-ying rushes back to the palace in the attempt to save Tsz-yuk, calling for the Kings of different part of the country on the way for help to fight the injustice.