• Artistic Director Loong Koon-tin

    Contending for the Bride

    • Screenwriter
      Poon Yat-fanYip Shiu-tuck
    06. 08. 202119:30
    07. 08. 202119:30
Performance Introduction

At Chinese New Year Eve, Kuai Nam-ping and Yu Kit-ching fall in love at first sight after Nam-ping rescues Kit-ching and her maid from Cho Tit-ho’s molestation. However, Kit-ching’s father Yu Yau-choi, not happy with Nam-ping's poor background, breaks off the engagement that was made before Nam-ping and Kit-ching’s birth. He further agrees to marry Kit-ching to Tit-ho.


Yau-choi(Youcai) is furious to find that Nam-ping(Nanping) meets Kit-ching(Jiezhen) in secret and announces that anyone who presents a betrothal gift which matches Yu's family's wealth can get the bride. Nam-ping comes earlier than Tit-ho(Tiehao) for the bride but is expelled on the accusation of embezzling. Unwilling to marry Tit-ho, Kit-ching disguises herself as the bridesmaid and has Kit-bing be the bride when Tit-ho comes. Her plan fails and the parties take the case to court.


With his powerful status, Tit-ho compels Bat Sau-fat(Bi Shoufa) to find Nam-ping guilty and forces Kit-ching to be his wife. Luckily, Nam-ping’ s father arrives with the imperial edict and reprimands Tit-ho and Yu’ s father. Finally, Nam-ping and Kit-ching become a couple as they were engaged before their birth. The story comes to a happy ending.