• Artistic DirectorNg May-ying

    Red Silk Shoes and The Murder

    • Screenwriter
      Tont Tik-sang
    13. 08. 202119:30
    14. 08. 202119:30
Performance Introduction

The widow Yeung Lau-kiu (Yang Liujiao) has an affair with a yamen secretary Chun Sam-fung (Qin Sanfeng). He murders his sick lawful wife so that Lau-kiu can pose as his wife and follow him to his new post in Lin’an, leaving behind an embroidered shoe and a headless corpse. The county magistrate rules that Lau-kiu was murdered by Lau-kiu’s sister-in-law and her lover, Yuk-kwai (Yugui) and Tsz-hing (Ziqing). Tsz-hing’s teacher, Chor Wai-Ming (Zuo Weiming), rushes to Suzhou to save him. One night, a female ghost leads Wai-ming to a poplar tree where he digs out a severed head. Wai-ming finds out from Yuk-Kwai that the head does not belong to Lau-kiu and that Lau-kiu has an affair with Sam-fung. Wai-ming has Sam-fung transferred back to Suzhou. Yuk-kwai immediately recognizes Sam-fung’s “wife” as Lau-kiu, her widowed sister-in-law. The investigation shows some promise and Wai-ming has a plan in mind...