• Artistic DirectorWan Fai-yin

    A Marriage of Confusion

    • Screenwriter
      Lo Tok
    15. 09. 202119:30
    16. 09. 202119:30
Performance Introduction

Lam Lang-fung (Lin Lengfeng) has a secret relationship with doctor Wong Chi-ying (Huang Ziying) and she is pregnant. The famous general Wong Chi-ying(Wang Zhiying) loves Lang-fung and asks for a blessing from her father, who agrees immediately because of his wealthiness. Lau Siu-wong (Liu Xiaohuang), a thief who looks the same as Lang-fung, breaks into Lam’s house to escape from his sworn brother’s hunt down. Her sworn brother Lau Wan-fung (Liu Yunfeng) mistakenly grabs Lang-fung, who has taken a sleeping pill, instead of Siu-wong away. Meanwhile, Siu-wong decides to pretend Lang-fung and marries the general Chi-ying (Zhiying) and enjoys her noble life. Soon after, the barbarians invade. They trap the Emperor and hurt Chi-ying(Zhiying). Siu-wong makes a breakthrough and saves the Emperor hence entitled the Princess. With Wan-fung’s help, Lang-fung sneaks into the imperial palace to find Chi-ying, the others are so confused with the identities of Lang-fung and Siu-wong...