• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    The Legend of the White Snake

    • Screenwriter
    24. 09. 202119:30
    25. 09. 202119:30
Performance Introduction

White Snake and Green Snake cultivate themselves in heaven. When they descend to earth, they encounter a scholar called Hui Sin (Xu Xian). White Snake, under a false name, Pak So-ching (Bai Suzhen) falls in love with Hui Sin. Then they get married, and So-ching practises medicine with the help of her supernatural power. However, Monk Fat Hoi (Fahai), with his bigoted view on identity, wants to tear them apart. He persuades Hui Sin to make So-ching drink realgar wine for revealing her true self. Hui Sin is scared to death and his soul has left his body. In order to save her husband, So-ching goes to steal the elixir plant at the risk of her life. Hui Sin is deceived and held captive by Fat Hoi at Jin Shan Temple. Desperately wanting to save her husband, So-ching is forced to flood Jin Shan and fight with warriors from heaven. So-ching and Siu-ching (Xiaoqing) escape and Hui Sin catches up with them in Duan Bridge. Will the gods from heaven be touched by their true love, or will the human and the immortal eventually have to go separate ways?