• Artistic DirectorNg Chin-fung

    Wangkui and Guiying

    • Screenwriter
      Yang Zi-jing
    18. 10. 202319:30
    19. 10. 202319:30
Performance Introduction

The common saying goes: "Knowing the face of the people but not the heart", it is just used to describe Wangkui who is ungrateful. Wangkui and his old servant Wong Zhong wandered in Laiyang, poor and sick. Fortunately, I met a singing girl in the Sea God Temple and invited Gui-ying to take pity on the weak and old, and took the two to live in the East Building. For three years, Gui-ying supported him and accompanied Wangkui to study hard. Wangkui's high school champion, thought it would be a happy ending, but Wangkui was recruited as the prime minister's wife, forgetting the past kindness. Gui-ying, who looked at her husband from afar, received a letter of divorce and committed suicide in the Sea God Temple...