• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    Willow Beauty

    • Screenwriter
      So Yung
    12. 10. 202319:30
    13. 10. 202319:30
Performance Introduction

Ambassador Hou Xi-yi admires the talented courtesan Liu Xin-qing and offers to help her away from the life. King of Tubo, Sha Zha-li and General Hua Yun-long travel together in Luoyang. Zha-li is obsessed with the beauty of Xi-qing. The poor Han Hong is forced to sell his fascinating arrows. Zha-li insults Hong for that and they start to hate each other. In sympathy, Xi-qing presents the priceless arrow to the unrecognized hero Hong as a gift. Falling for each other, they decide to get married after Hong winning the battle. During the Betrayal Period of An & Shi, Xi-yi asked Zha-li for help. Though Hong fights bravely, his glory is stolen by Zha-li.Xi-qing and her maid reclusively live in a temple. Threatening to hurt the people of the country, Zha-li forces Xi-qing to marry him. Xi-qing has no choice but accept the proposal. Finally, Hong reaches the carriages of Zha-li. Separated by the military force, Hong fails to meet Xi-qing. As Hong spits blood and passes out, Xi-qing comes to cheer him up, the couple discovers the truth and forgive each other. Suspecting the couple is doing immoral thing, Yun-long takes them into custody at the imperial palace. When Zha-li attempts to kill Hong, Xi-yi arrives in time. Scolding at Zha-li for taking others' love and credits, Xi-yi relegates him back to Tobu and holds a marriage ceremony for Xi-qing and Hong. Lovers are finally reunited.