• Artistic DirectorChan Ka-ming

    The Marriage of Princess Fei-king

    • Screenwriter
      Yip Shiu-tak
    28. 10. 202019:30
    29. 10. 202019:30
Performance Introduction

Princess Fei-king of Kingdom Chong-yuen visits the temple and meets Tsui Yuen-cak, a student stay in the temple to wait for the release of result of imperial exam. Fei-king falls in love with the young man, but Yuen-cak refuses to tell the princess his name. In order to marry Yuen-cak, Fei-king obstructs the two princes from neighboring kingdoms, who want to marry Fei-king, by setting a literature competition and a martial competition. Regardless of the competition, Fei-king chooses Yuen-cak, the new champion of the imperial exam, as her husband. The princes get angry and join hands to attack Kingdom Chong-yuen. With Yuen-cak’s stratagem and Fei-king’s military force, the kingdom revenges.