• Artistic DirectorWong Chiu-kwan

    Lovers at the Mercy of the Sword

    • Screenwriter
      Lo Dok
    30. 10. 202019:30
    31. 10. 202019:30
Performance Introduction

Twin sisters Wong Yuk-moi and Yuk-fan are arranged a marriage to the family of Yeung and Ma respectively before their birth. The war has separated the sisters. While Madam Wong replaces Yuk-moi with Yuk-fan and marries her to General Yeung Chi-sing for the sake of his richness, Yuk-moi pretends to be Yuk-fan and follows Ma Chun-sang under the order of her father.


Appreciating Chun-sang’s ability, the Chief General Lau Chun-bong orders him to lead the army. Yuk-moi comes to the battlefield to brings Chun-sang his battle robe. Mistaking Yuk-moi for her sister, Chi-sing is furious at Yuk-fan being loose in morals. Chun-bong’s army runs short of food and the soldiers are too hungry to fight. Chun-sang plans to kill his wife to feed the soldiers. As Chi-sing interpret Yuk-moi as his wife, he agrees to the plan so as to kill Yuk-fan. Bak-ling is forced to distract Siu-lan away. Chun-sang confesses to Yuk-moi his plan and passes out when he tries to kill her. Chi-sing arrives and finds out that the dead lady is not his wife. To help her husband, Yuk-moi ends her own life leaving a suicide note. Chun-sang recovers and gets disappointed at his wife, thinking she has run away with Bak-ling. On the other hand, on the way of fleeing Bak-ling bumps into Yuk-fan, who is looking for her husband. Framed by Emperor of the enemy Wu Hon-to, they are mistaken as spies, as a bomb is being put into their luggage. Chun-sang investigates into the case and is about to execute the ladies. Arriving in time, Chi-sing stops the execution and presents the suicide note written by Yuk-moi. At the same time, Madam Wong is searching for her daughters at the site. The truth is revealed. Eventually, Yuk-fan and Chun-sang fulfill the marriage promise since birth. Chi-sing marries Siu-lan.