Programme Rescheduling and Refund arrangement for Cantonese Opera Young Talent Showcase

  • Release Date

    25. 11. 2020

As the performances of Cantonese Opera Young Talent Showcase were cancelled due to the closure of performance venues, the performances will be re-scheduled at the Yau Ma Tei Theatre on the days listed below. Patrons who keep the original intact tickets can use them for the rescheduled performance on the

assigned dates. The rescheduled performances are as follows:



Original performance dates (Year 2020)

Rescheduled performance dates

Phase 1

Happy Marriage Achieved

7 September (Mon) -rescheduled performance of 15 July performance

27 November, 2020 (Fri) 7:30PM

8 September (Tue) - rescheduled performance of 16 July performance

29 November, 2020 (Sun) 7:30PM

Contending for the Bride

17 July (Fri)

13 December,2020 (Sun) 7:30PM

18 July (Sat)

14 December,2020 (Mon) 7:30PM

Phase 2

Showcase of Guan Hanqing's Works

2 September (Wed)

9 January, 2021 (Sat) 7:30PM

3 September (Thu)

10 January, 2021 (Sun) 7:30 PM

Princess Cheungping

4 September (Fri)

7 January, 2021(Thur) 7:30PM

5 September (Sat)

8 January, 2021 (Fri) 7:30PM

Full Moon over Grand Realm

9 September (Wed)

11 January, 2021 (Mon) 7:30PM

10 September (Thu)

12 January, 2021 (Tue) 7:30PM

Red Silk Shoes and The Murder

11 September (Fri)

21 December, 2020 (Mon) 7:30PM

12 September (Sat)

22 December, 2020 (Tue) 7:30PM

The Lotus Lamp

16 September (Wed)

6 December, 2020 (Sun) 7:30PM

17 September (Thu)

7 December, 2020 (Mon) 7:30PM

When Swallows Return

18 September (Fri)

20 December, 2020 (Sun) 7:30PM

19 September (Sat)

23 December, 2020 (Wed) 7:30PM

Fringe Activity

"The Reunion by a White Hare: A Classic Revisited"

12 September (Sat) 2:30PM

17 January, 2021 (Sun) 1:45PM

13 September (Sun) 2:30PM

17 January, 2021 (Sun) 3:45PM



Important Note: Tickets can be used on the assigned performance date(s) ONLY and change of admission date is not allowed (for example, patrons with tickets on 11 September will only be admitted on 21 December). Some rescheduled performances have change in cast. Please refer to the Annex below.


Ticket-holders who cannot attend the rescheduled performance may keep the original intact tickets for refund. For details of ticket refund arrangement, please refer to (Warm reminder: the refund period of phase 1 expired except Happy Marriage Achieved and Time To Go Home.)


Any updates of the arrangement will be announced on our website and facebook page. For enquiry, please contact The Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong at 2384 2939 during office hours. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


The Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong

25th November,2020



Programme Rescheduling and Refund arrangement, Cast change of rescheduled performances