Ng May-ying

Ng May-ying grows up in a family of Cantonese opera performers. Her adoptive father, Ng Sheung-ying takes the Sheng (male) role, and her uncle takes the Wu Sheng (military male) role in Cantonese opera.


Since her childhood, Ng had learned classical Chinese dance and performed in various nightclubs. She was later encouraged by her mother to learn Cantonese opera and taught by the male Dan, Yuen Shi-sheung; the master of the Northern School, Hui Kwan-hon; King of Xiao, Liu Sum; and Chinese music maestro, Lau Wing-chuen. From these masters, she has learned hands and body movements, the Northern School acrobatics and martial arts, and singing, and is well-known for performing in foot-binding and action drama. Her most famous work is “Bound-foot Liu Jinding Battles at the Fort”. With her charming look and elegant gestures, she is nicknamed “Classical Beauty”.


The first time Ng went on stage, she already took on the major role of Dan. In 1975, she set up “Tai Ying Wa Opera Troupe” and performed with Man Chin-shui. One of their opening programmes is “White Dragon Outpost”. Later she followed Lam Kar-sing in his “Chung Sun Sing Opera Troupe” to go on performance tours to Singapore, USA, Canada and many other places of the world. 

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