• Artistic DirectorNg May-ying

    Butterfly Lovers

    • Screenwriter
      Yip Shiu-tuck
    18. 11. 202219:30
    19. 11. 202219:30
Performance Introduction

Chau Ying-toi(Zhu Yingtai)disguise as a man leaves home for study in Hangzhou .On the way, she encounters the innocent Leung San-pak(Liang Shanbo), went along with San-pak. 

Three years later, a letter from home urges Ying-toi’s return. When San-pak comes to see her off, Ying-toi repeatedly hints at her love to him along the way but he fails to grasp it. Unfortunately, San-pak arrives three days later and Ying-toi’s father has already accepted the marriage offer from Ma Man-choi (Ma Wencai). After Ying-toi tells San-pak the whole story, the lovers’ hearts break.

Back home, San-pak falls ill from sorrow and dies. On her wedding day, Ying-toi goes to mourn for his death and kills herself for love by jumping into the tomb right after it opens upon her tears. The furious Man-choi upturns the tomb and finds that San-pak and Ying-toi have already turned into a pair of butterflies. Finally, the lovers live happily away from this world.