• Artistic DirectorNg May-ying

    A Heroic Romance

    • Screenwriter
      Poon Cheuk
    16. 11. 202219:30
    17. 11. 202219:30
Performance Introduction

Being besieged at Sheh Tong pass, Sheh Hung is loath to seek help from Yeung Kwan. Choi-fa, the daughter of Sheh Hung, instructs her maid Pai-wan to convey distress signals to Kai-yip, the son of Yeung Kwan, and asks him to lead his warriors to rescue Sheh Hung from peril. Sheh Hung and Yeung Kwan reconcile their dispute after the rescue, and Yeung Kwan brings up a proposal of marriage between Choi-fa and Kai-yip to Sheh Hung. However, the queen mother decided to marry Choi-fa to Shuen Yim. Sheh Hung decides to hold a competition for marriage in martial skills as there are malicious rumors about the meeting between Choi-fa and Kai-yip about her arranged marriage. Chui Ying-lung sowed discord among the Yeung’s, the Sheh’s and the Shuen’s families, and Choi-Fa is being falsified that Kai-yip murdered her father and her little brother Sheh Fan. Therefore, Choi-fa hunts down Kai-yip to Seven Star Temple yet falls into the trap Kai-yip sets. Will this be the start of catharsis and healing of the relationship?