• Artistic DirectorChan Ka-ming

    From Top Scholar to Night Watchman

    • Screenwriter
      Liu Yu-on
    20. 11. 202219:30
    21. 11. 202219:30
Performance Introduction

Shum Man-so (Shen Wensu) and his family being framed by a government official, disguises himself as a woman to flee with his servant.  He is saved by Lau Sim-kam (Liu Chanjin), leader of the brigands living in Kau Fung Mountain, who disguises herself as a man.  Man-so and Sim-kam get married. When Man-so learns that Sim-kam is a brigand, he leaves and goes to the capital to take the imperial examination in which he excels and becomes a government official.  Sim-kam hears the news, so she goes to the capital to see Man-so, who turns her away. Sim-kam has gone back to the mountain, there is a war against Liao soldiers at the border, Ko Wing (Goa rong) recommends Sim-kam to lead their soldiers to fight against Liu’s invasion.  In revenge for Man-so’s disloyalty, Sim-kam deploys him to transport military rations. Man-so is then punished to serve as a night watchman because of the delay in transportation.  Man-so repents thoroughly of his misdeeds.  With Yiu Sheung’s help in mediation, this couple are finally reconciled.